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The centre for physical, emotional, positive health and wellbeing, at nhanced lifestyles in southampton, hampshire, dorsetWelcome to N-hanced Lifestyles

Are you able to relate any of the following to your own life...?

  • Have you been eating healthily, exercising regularly but still don’t seem to be losing any weight?
  • Are you feeling tired, lethargic...and seem to have lost your sparkle?
  • Does your body feel like a lead weight and you need help in getting out and about?
  • Does everyday life feel like groundhog day with nothing new and exciting to look forward to?
  • Are you feeling trapped, in turmoil and don’t know which way to turn?

If you answered YES to any of the above and would like to bring a bounce back into your step then we can help you to do that!!

Whether you need to take action and get motivated or lighten that heavy load you are carrying or maybe you just need some ‘you’ time and would like to relax more!

N-hanced lifestyles is a personal development service to help people of any age through areas of change in their lives and can offer a range of practical tools and methods including:

Lifestyle direction and coaching, mentoring, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, counselling, massage, relaxation and dance/ exercise classes both group and 1:1.

You can find more about my dance fit 4 life by clicking here


These tools can help combat physical, mental, and emotional stress that we don’t realise we take on and can hold for years sometimes seriously affecting our health long term – please click into the next pages to find out more about how they work or alternatively call:

02380 440958 or 07852 675528 or fill out the online form on the contact page and take advantage of your free lifestyle balance assessment.

Discounts and concessions currently available.

N-hanced Lifestyles offers a friendly, professional, confidential service. Offices located in Southampton, Dorset and Hampshire.

I suffer with ms,me and depression and tend to sleep 3-4 hours per night with disturbed sleep.  I thought an Indian head massage would reduce my stress levels but the first time I had one it not only helped me to feel more relaxed in myself but I was able to sleep 3-4 nights on the trot straight through without waking up’! Thank you Sarah-Jane.
L. Southampton. (female)

The centre for physical, emotional, positive health and wellbeing, at nhanced lifestyles in southampton, hampshire, dorset


‘I suffered with a long term back problem for 20 years and would get twinges in my back just walking to and from town and would need to rest for long periods.  After a treatment of EFT I ended up feeling a sense of relief and a lot lighter in myself and within2 weeks started going to the gym 2-3 times a week with my daughter’. Thank you Sarah-Jane this really helped me to become more active again for myself and with my family. D, Southampton (female)

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