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Spring into action with NLP!                   

Can you remember what you wanted to be as a child?
Did this happen?
If it didn't, what stopped it from happening?
Have you fine tuned your talents and skills to the utmost?
What would you like your grandchildren to say about you?

In our lives we all have positive and negative experiences – we may not be able to understand everything that happens to us but these experiences are all stored in the human brain and affect how we live are lives day to day.

Imagine if we could video our own lives and edit what we wanted to keep and what we didn’t need anymore – i.e. for the positive parts we could adjust the film to digital, 3D effect, surround sound and replay it as many times as we want and for the negative parts, reduce the sound, change the colour to black and white and reduce the size of screen to a small picture or dot if we felt like it!

This is a very effective NLP technique! This method not only works for past events in our lives but for planning what we want to achieve in the future as well.

We forget that we are holding the remote and can play, rewind, fast forward or record over anything we choose in our minds.

NLP can help us edit the parts that no longer serve us and hold us back from fulfilling our true potential!

Breaking NLP down in technical terms!

  • Neuro – Is about our brain and being in touch with all our senses.
  • Linguistic – Is about the language we use and how we communicate with others.
  • Programming – is looking at our own unique strategy on how we programme our thoughts from negative into positive ones.

NLP techniques are based on the concept that you already have all the internal resources you need to make changes in your life. It’s just a case of believing you have the resources and knowing how to use them.

  Neuro-Linguistic Programming ~ NLP ~ NLP techniques ~ Southampton Neuro-Linguistic Programming
I’ve been in the same job for 20 years and was really anxious about going for a new interview. I’ve been feeling self doubt and fear for some time now and heard that NLP may help. It seemed quite a simple task in the session, visualising myself as though I was in a movie, as calm, articulate and confident at the interview which helped me to feel much better prepared to face it.  Thank so much – it was only till after the interview I realised it worked – I couldn't believe how well the interview went and in end decided the job wasn’t for me and made me realise what other options had!
'Mrs C' Southampton (female)

NLP can help you to:

  • Learn and understand information more quickly
  • Focus on your future, not your past
  • Concentrate better
  • Become more organised
  • Enjoy each meal and stay at the weight you want
  • Find your sense of humour again
  • Feel calm and relaxed without a cigarette
  • Experience excitement and look forward to things
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Increase your performance in sports or business
  • Find inspiration
  • Become more creative
  • Have more richer and more meaningful relationships
  • Have peace of mind even under stress


NLP has been known to treat and reduce other conditions such as:
(Note: in some cases hypnosis and EFT have been used in conjunction with NLP)

Back Pain
Bed wetting
Driving anxiety
Exam nerves
Fear of flying
Headaches and Migraine
Hysterical symptoms
Nail biting

Obsessive compulsive disorder
Pain control
Panic attacks
Phobia’s and fears
Post traumatic stress
Public speaking
Relationship problems
Social Phobia
Sports performance
Stage fright
Stopping smoking
Stress Management
Weight control


You may find there are negative emotions or trauma that don’t appear to shift with just using NLP alone so you may need to click into the ‘be lighter and freer’ page to find out what EFT can do for you!


For further information please call 07852 675528 or fill out the online form on the contact page.

  Thank you Sarah-Jane for helping me to organise my thoughts more clearly... I had a large project on, and needed some help getting things straight.  Using the timeline in our session was very useful! All the best
M. Havant (male)






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